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Joint Campaigns — Buruli Ulcer

What is the Buruli Ulcer?

Buruli ulcer is a neglected tropical disease caused by a bacterium which affects mainly the skin, but can sometimes affect the bone. The causative organism is called Mycobacterium ulcerans which belongs to the same family of organisms that cause leprosy and tuberculosis. For more information about this intriguing disease, please read the fact sheet.

For More Information Please Visit The World Health Organization‘s Website

Our Focus

Millersville University’s Chapter of Amnesty International is devoted wholeheartedly to this campaign. Our goal is to focus on the awareness of this disease within our local community. During the Fall ’09 Semester, Millersville AI will be teaming up with other clubs and organizations, both on and off campus, to bring lectures and other events to our local community.

Please keep checking back as more information is to follow.

Important Links

McCord Research Buruli Ulcer Foundation

The Buruli Ulcer Disease Ecology Research Consortium


Dr. John R. Wallace

Photo Credit: World Health Organization

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